Take Care

Havilah Land of Gold's Jewelry is plated or gold vermeil, or gold filled with 14kt, 18kt or 24kt gold and has a base metal of either stainless steel, sterling silver or brass.
Please check item's individual description for specific material used.
Gold Plated & Gold Filled
Gently wipe down with a cloth. Do not use harsh chemicals or jewelry cleaners. Contact with perfume, lotions, cosmetics, and water may cause the plating to wear and tarnish faster. Can be worn in the water. 
14k Gold 
Wash with mild soap solution, wipe with gentle cloth. Solid gold is able to get wet and doesn't require removal. 
Rinse with warm water and wipe with gentle cloth. No harsh chemicals.
Stones & Beads
 Wash with warm water and salt. If build up occurs around stones or beads, use a small brush to remove residue.
When not in use store in provided pouch or box. 
Havilah, Land of Gold is not responsible for improper care of your jewelry. We can offer repairs if jewelry is broken or damaged within 14 days of purchase, please email havilah@landofgold.co. All repairs are subject to approval.